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יוליה פוטוארט - צילומי פורים.jpg

צילומי פורים

I love Purim - the happiest and most special holiday we have.


Purim for children is a real celebration.
There is nothing like dressing up, sailing to an imaginary world of legends, knights, magicians and princesses.

Being someone else for one day.

I invite you to document this cool experience in a Purim photo session outdoors.


3 days of Purim photography

420 NIS only per family *

יום שישי 22/3

בית חשמונאי

Sunday 28/3

בית חשמונאי /
גבעת הרקפות (טל שחר)

* Up to 3 children, each additional child plus 100 NIS

* The length of the session is half an hour, a minimum of 20 edited photos.

* The photos are taken at Beit Hashmonai (Gezer) / Givat Harakfot (Tal Shahar)

More details? happily.

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