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קצת עלי - אודות

יוליה פוטוארט - צילום אירועים, פורטרטים,

About me – Julia Burstein

Hi, I’m Julia –People Photographer.

I have a BA in Graphic Design from Middlesex University London.

I studied photography at the City of Westminster College in London and in Studio Gavra in Tel Aviv.

I fell in love with photography during my design studies, while walking the streets of Tel Aviv with my camera, finding inspiration in the work of great street photographers such as Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank, William Egllestone and others.

After finishing photography studies in London, I worked with some leading portrait and performing arts photographers, then began working independently. On my return to Israel in 2012, I established Yulia PhotoArt.

About Yulia PhotoArt

Yulia PhotoArt specializes in People Photography.

I am expert in many disciplines, using the most advanced photographical equipment, professional editing and digital album design software.

The main fields in which I offer my photography services are: Events (weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events etc.), Family and Child photography, Portraiture and Performing Arts photography.

It’s most important to me that the client feels comfortable in front of the camera and that the result will truly convey the personality of the subject and the character of the event.

My approach is relaxed, yet highly professional.

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