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  • תמונת הסופר/תיוליה פוטוארט

Kids and Family Photography – Nature is the Perfect Backdrop

I love photographing families out in nature, it is never boring.

Every season has its unique feel, its light and colours; Autumn’s yellows and browns, oranges in Winter, Spring with cyclamens and daffodils, Summer’s hot, reflecting sand.

We are blessed with a beautiful country, almost any landscape you can think of is in driving distance, blue sea, green hills or yellow desert.

My joy is to bring families to magical places out in nature and capture their experience.

Nature provides us plenty of interests; leaves, flowers, rocks… it opens our hearts, kids love being outside, they can run, jump, look for hidden treasures.

Let them play and discover the world, have fun together, laugh, hug, be yourself. As a family.

I will be there to capture those magic moments of togetherness, to capture your joy and excitement, so you'll have a memory that will stay with you for life.


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