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Everything you have to know about Home Photography Session

Everything you have to know about Home Photography Session When it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s nice to stay in, near the heater, with some board games and a hot cup of tea.

On those rainy days (though we don’t have a lot of them here in Israel), I could come over to you with my camera and lighting, and a big smile.

I love home photography sessions, because I believe that the role of photography is to document our lives, the little everyday moments, the magic that is happening there.

Your home is part of who you are; it tells a lot about you as a family - the furniture, the pictures on the walls, the books, the little creations the kids made in school… There is no other place like your home, it tells your story, the story of your family. I’m a visual story teller. You just have to be yourself and relax (not a difficult task when you’re at home), you can play with the kids, cook, dance, laugh, whatever you do when you’re home.

Photographer Elliot Erwit once said: “Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place”

So I’ll be there to observe, to capture and create a great memory for you to look at, to go back to in years to come, the story of your life, of your family.


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